Mobile Shopping

Offline consumers and in store experiences in Solapur

Comparison between online and offline shopping will continue to gain attention in 2018. Unlike customers who shop online. offline consumers can inspect and examine Mobile in person and touch it before making a decision to buy and even ask questions to sales staff.

Model No.DescriptionPriceShop Details
PSL1 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 5MP, 2300mAH6999/-Click Here
P7 MAX3 GB, 32 GB, 13MP/ 5MP, 3100mAH10999/-Click Here
A14 GB, 64 GB, 13MP/ 16MP, 4010mAH16999/-Click Here
A1 Lite3 GB, 32 GB, 13MP/ 5MP, 3100mAH13999/-Click Here
X12 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 8MP, 3000mAH8999/-Click Here
X1S3 GB, 16 GB, 13MP/ 16MP, 4000mAH11999/-Click Here
M7 POWER4 GB, 64 GB, 13MP/ 8MP, 5000mAH16999/-Click Here
Model No.DescriptionPriceShop Details
V7 Plus21990/-Click Here
V718990/-Click Here
V5 Plus19990/-Click Here
V5S17990/-Click Here
Y 6914990/-Click Here
Y 6613990/-Click Here
Y 55S11990/-Click Here
Y 538990/-Click Here
Y 21L7490/-Click Here
Model No.DescriptionPriceShop Details
105 SS800mAH999/-Click Here
105 DS800mAH1149/-Click Here
130 DS1020mAH1599/-Click Here
150 DS0.3MP, 1020mAH1949/-Click Here
216 DS0.3MP, 1020mAH2499/-Click Here
230 DS2MP, 1200mAH3949/-Click Here
3310 DS2MP, 1200mAH3310/-Click Here
NOKIA 21 GB,16 GB, 8MP/ 5MP, 4100mAH6999/-Click Here
NOKIA 32 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 8MP, 2630mAH9499/-Click Here
NOKIA 53 GB, 16 GB, 13MP/ 8MP, 3000mAH12499/-Click Here
NOKIA 63 GB, 32 GB, 16MP/ 8MP, 3000mAH14999/-Click Here
NOKIA 84 GB, 64 GB, 13MP/ 13MP, 3090mAH28999/-Click Here
Model No.DescriptionPriceShop Details
A 372 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 5MP, 2630mAH8990/-Click Here
A 713 GB, 16 GB, 13MP/5MP, 3000mAH9990/-Click Here
A 833 GB, 16 GB,12490/-Click Here
F 53 GB, 32 GB,16990/-Click Here
F 54 GB, 64 GB,19990/-Click Here
A 574 GB, 64 GB,21900/-Click Here
F 1S3 GB, 32 GB, 2900mAH12000/-Click Here
F 34 GB, 64 GB, 3075mAH17990/-Click Here
F 3 PLUS4 GB, 64 GB, 3200mAH17000/-Click Here
F 74 GB, 64 GB, 4000mAH21990/-Click Here
Model No.DescriptionPriceShop Details
i32 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 8MP, 3050mAH6990/-Click Here
i3 pro3 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 8MP, 3050mAH9250/-Click Here
i52 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 13MP, 4000mAH10490/-Click Here
i5 Pro3 GB, 32 GB, 8MP/ 13MP, 4000mAH11950/-Click Here
Camon AIR2 GB, 16 GB, 8MP/ 13MP, 3050mAH7990/-Click Here
Camon i3 GB, 32 GB, 13MP/ 13MP, 3050mAH8890/-Click Here
i74 GB, 32 GB, 16MP/ 13MP, 4000mAH14990/-Click Here


Model No.DescriptionPriceShop Details
Bee 3G1 GB, 8 GB,3999/-Click Here
Bee 4G1 GB, 8 GB,7999/-Click Here
Bee 21 GB, 8 GB,6999/-Click Here
Holly 2+2 GB, 16 GB,8999/-Click Here
Holly 32 GB, 16 GB,9999/-Click Here
Holly 32 GB,8499/-Click Here
Honor 4x2 GB, 16 GB,11999/-Click Here
Honor 5x4 GB, 64 GB,17999/-Click Here
Honor 8 Lite4 GB, 32 GB,27999/-Click Here
Honor 83 GB, 32 GB,12999/-Click Here
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Amar Mahimkar Contact Details : 8806799899 Email : Store Address : Shreyash Heights, Near Navbharat Watch, Chaupad, Solapur Opening Time : 10 am Closing Time : 9.30 pm Payment T
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Space Vision Contact Details : 0217-2621382 Email : Store Address : Shop No. 1, Rajdhani Complex, Goldfinch Peth, Mobile Galli, Navi Peth, Solapur Opening Time : 10 am Closing
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Vishala Karanje Contact Details : 8180858752 Store Address : Branch 1: Shop No.2, Rajdhani Complex, Gold Finch Peth, Solapur Branch 2: Shop No.5, Ramchandra Empire, Old Walchand College, Solapur Openi