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Welcome to Revankar Jewellers – the house of fine handcrafted jewellery. Over the past fifty years, we’ve been adding the magical sparkle of diamond, gold and platinum jewellery to the lives of our valued customers.
We offer excellent craftsmanship, high quality standards and an exhaustive range of classic and contemporary designs available at store located in Solapur. Apart from ready-to-wear jewellery, we also create tailored jewellery design services. We continue to feel inspired to create timeless jewellery that’s a class apart.

Tailor made design weight will vary on design. Gold Purity is 91.6%

Traditional jewellery - Revankar JewellersTraditional jewellery 1 - Revankar JewellersTraditional jewellery 2 - Revankar Jewellers

Traditional jewellery

Rani-Haar - Revankar Jewellers

Rani Haar

Soak in the beauty of these exotic jewelry. Showoff the beautiful woman in you.

rani haar - Revankar Jewellers

Rani Haar

Armlet Revankar Jewellers Bajuband

An important element of ‘Solah shringar’. ‘Bajuband’ or Armlet (also known as Ananta, Angada), it is a type of bracelet worn on the upper part of the arm.


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Company NameM/S S D Revankar Jewellers
Contact PersonRaju Revankar, Vicky Revankar
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Shop AddressShop 1 & 2, Ganesh Complex, Opposite Ajoba Ganpati Mandir, Manik Chowk Solapur 413002